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Chocolate and Ice Cream Tacos

septiembre 5, 2022

Kids will love making these easy dessert tacos for Father’s Day! Fill crunchy taco shells with vanilla ice cream and load with any fruit and toppings you have. We use strawberries, raspberries and mini marshmallows for the ultimate summer sweet treat.


6 crunchy taco shells (from a 150g pack)
125g no-added sugar hazelnut chocolate spread
6 strawberries, sliced
75g raspberries
200g soft scoop vanilla ice cream colourful sprinkles, mini marshmallows, chopped nuts or chocolate drip icing, to decorate (optional)


Separate the taco shells and warm to pack instructions, if you like. Set aside to cool.
Working quickly, fill each taco with teaspoons of chocolate spread, small scoops of ice cream and berries. When all the tacos are filled, decorate with your favourite toppings to serve.