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No Bake Lemon Mock Cheesecake Slice

agosto 8, 2022


250g sweet plain biscuits, crushed
120g butter, melted
350ml evaporated milk, chilled
125ml condensed milk *optional
1 large lemon, juiced
85g lemon jelly
1 cup hot water
1 lemon rind


Combine butter and crushed biscuits, mix well and press into the base of a 26cm springform pan. Refrigerate.
Beat evaporated milk until doubled in volume. Dilute jelly in hot water, cooled but not set.
Add condensed milk and continue beating for about two minutes.
Add jelly and continue to beat for another two minutes.
Add rind and juice of lemon and beat until mixture thickens for about three minutes. Spread over biscuit base and chill for about three hours before serving.