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Spider Halloween Cookies

julio 27, 2022

If you love halloween cookies these easy spider cookies can’t be beat! Perfect halloween treat for any party or get together!

12 oreos or chocolate cookies
12 your favorite sugar cookies
1 cup white frosting of choice
24 edible google eyes
decorative black icing
halloween sprinkles optional

Prepare your sugar cookies according to recipe or package directions and frost with white icing.
Place an Oreo near the center of each frosted sugar cookie.
Use black icing to draw four lines on each side of your Oreos to make the spiders legs.
Stick the back side of your candy eye into a bit of leftover frosting and stick on your Oreo to make the spiders eyes.
Optional Sprinkle leftover cookies with Halloween sprinkles. Enjoy!

If short on time you can totally use a sugar cookie mix or even store bought sugar cookies, then quickly spruce them up with the spider embellishments!