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Unicorn Hot Chocolate

agosto 3, 2022

This rich, pink-hued hot drink is made from white chocolate and milk, topped with rainbow-dyed whipped double cream, sweets and sprinkles.

300ml whole milk
50g white chocolate , chopped
pink food colouring gel
To serve (optional)
100ml double cream
food colouring gel (optional)
your choice of coloured sweets and/or hundreds and thousands

Whip up the double cream (if using) until it just holds its shape – it should be the consistency of crème fraîche. Then, if you like, stain the inside of a disposable piping bag with different gel food colourings using a skewer to drag a tiny streak of colour from the bottom of the bag to the top.

To make the hot chocolate pour the milk into a small pan and heat until simmering, stirring to stop it scorching. Take the pan off the heat and add the white chocolate then stir until the chocolate has fully melted. Add food colouring to turn the mixture pastel pink then pour into 2 mugs or heatproof glasses.

To decorate fill the prepared piping bag with the whipped cream then snip off the end to create a wide tip. Pipe mounds of the cream on top of the hot chocolate and scatter over sprinkles and coloured sweets if you like.